The Simple Version

There are 286 neighbourhoods in Edmonton. Let’s map every inch of them with stories. Here’s the simple version:


Go to your favourite pubs, cafes, parks, anywhere you want.
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Create a story, video, or audio recording about the places you visit and submit it. 


You did one? Great! But we have a lot of ground to cover so keep it going.
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The Detailed Version


YEG StoryHood is an online space mapping Edmonton through story. The site is open to anyone wanting to submit a story/video/audio recording and, if selected, their piece will be attached to the space that inspired it.

Want to write an ode to the chai latte from your favourite cafe? We want it. How about an alternate history for Edmonton’s infamous rat hole? Let’s hear it. A story doesn’t even have to relate to the spot itself but, at the very least, should be inspired by it. Nothing is off limits. Well, some stuff is off limits. Use good sense before submitting.

Let’s shape Edmonton with myths, legends, and tall tales. Let’s share the true stories that no one has heard. With 286 neighbourhoods, we have a lot of space to map.


Once you’ve polished your story to within an inch of its life, head over to our submission form and fill in the blanks. Here’s a few things to consider:

Guidelines (so far):

1. All work must relate to the spirit of YEG StoryHood. A piece doesn’t have to name a location in the city, but it should be inspired by one as it will need to be attached to a space on the map.

2. There is no restriction on genre and your story can be true or complete fiction. YEG StoryHood should be a rich collection of truth and myth, blurring the line between what we know and what we think we know about our city.

3. Keep it short. Whether it’s a story, a video, or an audio recording, less is more.

4. There is no limit to the number of stories you can submit, but only submit one per entry form.

5. Submitting previously published pieces is okay, as long as you retain the rights to the work.

6. If your story takes place in a business, please don’t make the business the focus of your story. This isn’t meant to be free advertising, they just happen to lease the space that inspired you.

Once submitted, your piece will be reviewed and, if selected, will be added to the map.

We’ll aim to respond to you within a few weeks. Please read a few stories on the map to get an idea of what we’re looking for.


There are no limits to how many locations you can claim. New stories will be published on the map once per month so visit often and submit regularly.