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Buffet Royale Carvery


AND | “Okay, when I was younger my parents took me to a restaurant with a chocolate fountain and I approached what I thought was surely a cocoa-coloured mirage and I skewered watermelon wedges and sliced strawberries and plump pineapple and plunged my tiny hand into the dark chocolate curtain and it drew back slightly before swallowing me and I paused because it was soothing to discover that something so substantial could be so yielding and I didn’t even care about the fruit anymore so I let the skewer go and watched the chocolate splash off my arm and trickle down my hand and slide between my fingers filling in all the cracks, cuts, and bruises that childhood brings.

“So, yeah, to answer your question, that’s sorta what it’s like to kiss you.”

Contributor: Jeremy Bibaud
Twitter: @MisterBeebo

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