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Downtown City Market


Saturday morning edmontonia |
disheveled and hung-over locavores
line up for lattes
& gluten-free range 104 street, grazing. Kettle corn pops
to the busker’s blueberry jam.
between Luba’s pierogis, red velvet borscht
weedy wildflower greens
smoked bison & bannock
heirloom tomatoes strain their organic zebra-striped skins
ready to burst.
loose change jingle spills
into the dark plush of a guitar case
wafting a fragrant fresh bread zephyr overhead.
in the heart of the wandering urban herd
a silver painted girl stands statue-still.

Contributor: Lisa Jeans
Twitter: @lisa_jeans

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  1. Margaret

    Good luck hopefully you win love from NL.

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