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Rundle Park


Closed | She said, there should be skate rentals at the park. We can rent you skates there.

I’ve never been skating before. My sister has skates but they are still way too big for me. White ones, figure skates, with neon green blade covers. They look cool. My friend has skates too, we picked her up on the way to the park. She’s gone skating a few times with her family, I think. Enough times that she said she knows how to not fall. I worried a bit about falling, but I wasn’t scared.

Everyone is here and we found the building to meet in. There’s a spot for a fire, but it’s not open. There’s a spot to sell hot chocolate and snacks, but the metal gate is pulled down. We sit around on wooden benches where a fire should be and sing a quick song as we get told the rules and safety for the evening. Most people are sitting with their skates in front of them. I frown and worry.

My friend says we can take turns with her skates, but my feet are already slightly bigger than hers and I can’t get them on. My socks are thin and I look at my feet in anger and hope that my eyes can warm them back up before I go outside.

I wait until almost everyone is out skating. Wiping my face I step onto the ice rink and force myself to slide forward a bit. This could still be fun, she said. It’s dark out, but the orange lights make everything feel warmer. Yet, I can still feel the wind through my scarf. I push myself forward a few more times looking for my friends. A few snowflakes fall from the sky and brighten everything up a bit more.

One girl, I never remember her name, is using a chair to help balance herself. I help her for a bit and then keep on sliding.

I race my friend, each of us falling once and laughing at one another. She’s faster but lets me keep up with her.

An hour passes and my feet are cold. Everyone’s feet are cold. We go back inside to warm up. There’s still no fire, but we share blankets as someone hands out hot chocolates.

She asks, did you have fun? And I have to think about my answer.

Contributor: Jaime Alysha
Twitter: @JaimeAlysha

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