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Vi’s for Pies


It was a half hour until close so all the pie was gone. We settled on chocolate cake with milk served in big pint glasses. All around us were people, mostly in groups of two, who looked like they had been there for hours. Probably still talking about the coming election and property taxes or whatever people in this neighbourhood probably complain about. In between bites of cake we told each other about the different ways our grandparents had died. I thought about how there isn’t a term for someone whose grandparents are both dead. I finished my milk and half of hers and we held hands across the table and wondered what it would be like if we lived in this neighbourhood. We could walk to more places like this and get there before all the pie was gone. We could have a house with a front porch. I’ve always wanted a front porch. I’d have to get another job. One that actually pays actual money. I’d have to buy a suit. I’d have to go to meetings.

She fell asleep on the ride home so I just kept driving around looking for houses with For Sale signs.

Contributor: Jason Lee Norman
Twitter: @bellyofawhale

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