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Yardbird Suite 0 5 0 0

Yardbird Suite


One, Two…Onetwothree,
raAat ta-ta, raAat ta-ta,
BA-DUM bum bum bum

Salty peanuts, bitter wine
go down well with
bitter beats and salty rhymes.

Jazz is the only
living thing that can be cured
with a cigarette.

The black man in shades
deadpan in the corner booth
tappin’ just tappin’.

Smooth caramel drips from
brass sax onto a
first-date glance.

We should talk
but words fall flat
in the middle of Funky 3-4

BA-DUM bum bum bum
raAat ta-ta, raAat ta-ta
raAat ta-ta-ta, tsss.

Contributor: Jeremy Bibaud
Twitter: @MisterBeebo

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