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West Edmonton is home to the world’s largest mall. In 2004, a caravan of traders from a far eastern land brought whispers of a great empire with a mall larger than ours. These traders were brought before the mall’s tribunal* and found guilty of spreading lies and deceit.

These traitor traders were imprisoned in the dungeons beneath West Edmonton Mall and their bodies now feed the infernal machinations birthed of the copulation between the abandoned peacocks and forgotten ball machines found there.

Edmonton will forever be home to the world’s largest mall.

Excerpt from Edmonton, A Brief History of a Lusty, Young Giant

*At any given moment, West Edmonton Mall contains a population larger than Red Deer (a settlement to the south that has been overrun by an aggressive red moss from which the settlement gets its name) and so maintains its own judicial system.

West Edmonton Mall

8882 170 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5T…
THIS STORY CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT To Do: | The baby kicks one way and the steering wheel pushes the other, and now Amy has to wear the too-tight sweatpants. She has to leave the car…

West Edmonton Mall

8882 170 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5T…
The locals say that this place is full of secret tunnels. When the architect designed it he drew up lots of corridors and entryways that were never ever utilized. Someone once told me that people…

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