Summer of Story


“Rat Hole” by Erin Greenough
Artwork inspired by “Rat Hole” by Thomas Wharton


This was our first contest and we were really impressed with the number and quality of submissions we received. It was a pleasure to read all the pieces, and we really appreciate everyone’s support for YEG StoryHood since we launched in June.

We also want to thank the shortlisted writers for their patience as they waited for this announcement. It was a difficult decision, but artist Erin Greenough was able to narrow her decision down to a single story that inspired her the most.

We’re delighted to announce that she chose “Rat Hole” by Thomas Wharton. Here’s a few thoughts from Erin on how the piece inspired her:

“My piece takes inspiration from the narrative’s dreamlike tone. To me, the writing feels like a landscape. I used the rat’s body as a landscape and placed a single chair atop the rat to reflect that surreal dreamscape. I can imagine the narrator sitting upon the chair and gazing out to the city as they describe a kind of loneliness they feel, removed from a place they see changing right in front of them.”

Congratulations, Thomas!


It’s been a beautiful summer, but all things come to an end. Even contests. We want to thank everyone who took the time to submit a piece to our first contest. It was a lot of fun to read everything submitted. Below are the five pieces chosen for the Summer of Story shortlist. After a second round of judging, one of these pieces will become a piece of artwork created by Erin Greenough. We can’t wait to see the final result.

Congratulations to the following writers:


The winner will be announced alongside the reveal of the artwork. So expect a bit of a wait while Erin gets to work on it. It’ll be worth it though. We promise!


Every writer wants their work to inspire others. Here’s your chance.

Any story submitted to StoryHood before August 31, 2016, will have the chance to inspire artist Erin Greenough’s next work of art. Check out her stuff, it’s seriously cool.

How This is Going to Work

  1. Submit a story or a poem (in line with the theme of the site) under 1,000 words using the submission form on or before August 31, 2016.
  2. StoryHood editors will select and reveal their shortlist. These entries will be posted on the site.
  3. A winner will be selected from the shortlist.
  4. Erin will create a piece inspired by the winning story or poem.
  5. We’ll reveal the winner and the artwork once completed.


Be sure to read a few of the stories on the website to get a solid idea of what we’re looking for. Good luck!